Waseem Awwad : International Expert


Senior Strategic Business Development Lead  and Microsoft Technology Consultant with many years of experience in Europe and Middle east, executed huge number of international advanced ICT projects and critical systems, has a proven record of outstanding performance and results in designing solutions for complex and unstructured problems, contributed in several  global researches and analysis.

He has acquired 33 advanced accredited international certificates with high distinction, registered and achieved a considerable number of patents, achieved “146” score in IQ test, won the first place in 26 international competition.

He was chosen as one of the best 10 IT experts in the middle east, and received many artificial intelligence awards.

In addition Waseem awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP for the second consecutive year).

Waseem Awwad was able to discover critical security breaches in several global systems for international IT vendors. He has also participated as a part of  judge committees for many competitions all over the world.

He has a proven track record of success in business development and entrepreneurship , currently he is leading a groups of professional entrepreneurs all over the world. In addition leading SWAT team for critical mission.

Waseem Invented a successful approaches in Business Development field.